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Buy Clay Ganesh idols Online for Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

If you plan to stick to true Hindu tradition and want to be part of an eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi festival then you can buy clay Ganesh idols online. This clay murtis of Ganesha are made by traditional craftsmen and the paint used is natural paint. The clay Ganesha are available online at Bombay Stores and are produced by e-coexist. You can order for them online but you will need to collect the murti from anyone of the outlets. The price of the Ganesh Murti ranges from Rupees 375/- to 2500/- You can get more details about the Clay Ganesh idols at Bombay Store here at the official website of the store. You may also like to read Why you should opt for clay Ganesh Murti?

Dada J P Vaswani Quotes on Happiness

Help others. The others are not apart from us. We all are parts of the One Great Whole. No man is an island. If we wish to live a healthy life – mentally, morally, spiritually, – we must be concerned about the welfare of others, specially our less fortunate brothers and sisters. The selfish man, who is interested only in his own welfare and that of his near and dear ones, is never a happy man. The happiness that we give to others comes back to us. The source of happiness is not money, nor is it pleasure or gratification of the senses. These are temporary and ephemeral, like a bubble. Happiness is within you. There is happiness above happiness. It belongs to him who, forgetting himself, gives happiness to others. Dada J P Vaswani