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Navratna Gomedh for Nakshatras Ardra, Swati and Shatbhisha – Gemstone Hessonite or Gomedhakam

Gomedh or Hessonite is the Navratna that is associated with Ardra, Swati and Shatbhisha Nakshatras. The Gemstone is known Gomedhikam or Gomedha. The Nakshatras Ardra is also known as Tiruvathirai. Swati is also referred as Choti and Shatbhisha is known as Chathayam. By wearning the Gemstone people born in these birth stars can avoid delay in success. The birthstone also helps in fulfilling desires and it also helps in career.Gomedha is associated with Navgraha Rahu.The navratna is also worn for good health and success. It is also worn as a solution to problems created by Rahu and Shani in one’s horoscope.Wearing the navratna is also believed to fulfill the romantic endeavors of Ardra, Swati and Shatbhisha Nakshatras. It is also worn to avoid unexpected financial troubles.

Baba Ramdev Website – Official website of Baba Ramdev for Medicines and Yoga

Baba Ramdev, the popular yoga guru, is today attracting thousands of students around the world – thanks to his unique yoga teaching methods. His Patanjali Yogpeeth and Divya Yog Mandir Trust have become famous for its ayurvedic medicines and Ayurveda treatments. The official Baba Ramdev Website has all the details regarding the medicines and various courses in yoga conduct by Ramdev’s institution. The website also has facility to buy books, medicines, herbal products, VCDs, DVDs, and audio CDs of talks and yoga lessons. You can find the official website of Baba Ramdev here – Divya Yoga

Kusha Amavasya

Kusha Amavasya is observed in Kashmir on the no moon day in the month of Bhadra (August – September). Kusha Amavasya 2018 date is September 9. It is also known as Darbiamavas. The day is of great importance to the Kashmiri Hindu community. In some years, the Amavasi is observed in the no moon day in Shravan Month (July – August) – the previous month.

The day is dedicated to dead ancestors, parents and relatives. Shradh or Tarpan are performed on river banks and in sacred spots that perform Pinda Daan.

This Amavasya is also known as Darbi Amavas. As rituals on the day are associated Darbha Grass used in pujas. Kusha is another name for Darbha Grass.

Swami Sivananda Teachings on Peace

A proper understanding of the essential unity of religions is the most effective and powerful factor in bringing peace in this world. It will remove all superficial differences and conflicts which create restlessness, discord and quarrels. Peace to be lasting and constructive must be achieved through God. A peaceful mind is your most precious capital. Realize first your unity with all the members of your family, then with all the members of your community, then with all the members of your district, then with all the members of your state, then with all the members of the whole nation, then with all the people of the whole world. If you succeed in this attempt, then only can you realize your unity or oneness with God. Swami Sivananda Related Swami Sivananda Quotes on Peace