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Teachings of Bhishma in the Mahabharata – Covetousness is the root of all sin

Covetousness – extreme greed for material wealth or an envious eagerness to possess something – is the one root of all sin. It destroys all merit and all goodness. From it precedes the river of sin. It is from this single source that many of the sins flow. Covetousness is the eternal spring of cunningness and hypocrisy. Wrath is born of covetousness, lust is born of covetousness, lost of judgment, deception, pride, arrogance, malice, vindictiveness, shamelessness, loss of virtue, anxiety and infamy. These are some of the many children of covetousness. Covetousness has more children like miserliness, cupidity, desire for every king of improper behavior, pride of birth, pride of learning, pride of beauty, pride of wealth, pitilessness, malevolence, insincerity, appropriation of another’s wealth, harshness of speck, talking ill of others gluttony, a lover of falsehood and a love of every kind of evil act. In life no man has ever been able to give up covetousness. Life may decay but this w…