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Official Website of Mysore Palace with Virtual Tour of Mysore Palace

MysorePalace, noted for its unique architectural style, is one of the most visited monuments in the world. Now the Mysore Palace Board has developed a Web-based Virtual Tour on the official website. It has high quality 360° panorama, zoom in and pan around for a detailed virtual tour. Visitors can take an online tour of 21 different sections of MysorePalace and gardens through 360° panoramas, narrated mini-movies, photos and text. A 360° panorama allows a quick view of any area. A visitor on website has the choice to select Virtual Tour without Flash, Virtual Tour with Flash with both English and Kannada commentary.
Story of Goddess Chamundi and of each section of the palace and about architecture of the palace are explained in simple English. You can take the virtual tour Mysore Palace in English here at the official website. You can find all version including the non flash and video tour here at the official website.

Shravani Somvar Vrat in Gujarat

Shravani Somvar is the Mondays in the month of Sawan or Shravan month. This month is of great significance and is dedicated to the worship of Shiva. As per traditional Guajrati calendar, Shravan month in 2017 is from July 24 to August 21. In a week, Monday is dedicated to Shiva and the Shravan Mondays are considered highly auspicious.

Men and women participate in Shravani Somvar Vrat. Men perform the vrat for peace, prosperity and happy married life. Married women perform it for long life of their husbands and for prosperity in the family. Unmarried women perform it to get a good husband.

The most important activity on Shravani Somvar is visit to a ShivaTemple. Here they listen to stories of Shiva and Parvati. Some people meditate chanting the ‘Om Namah Shivaya Mantra.’

Some people keep a fast on the day and take only a single meal in the afternoon.

Osho Thoughts – Don’t Be Stagnant

Man can live in two ways: either he becomes a stagnant pool of energy or he can become a dynamic flow, a river of energy. The stagnant pool never knows anything beyond itself because it never moves beyond its boundaries. The stagnant pool of energy becomes the ego. The river like flow helps you always to go beyond yourself. It is a constant transcendence. It is movement towards the oceanic, towards the infinite, towards the unbounded. Life should be like a river, always moving, never clinging, always ready to go into the unknown, always ready to risk the familiar for the unfamiliar. Osho

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