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Mahishi – The Story of Demon Mahishi who was killed by Ayyappa

One of the main reasons for the incarnation of Hindu God Ayyappa was to annihilate the demon Mahishi. The popular belief is that the union of Hindu God Shiva and Vishnu in his Mohini incarnation gave birth to Ayyappa. The reason for this unique union was a boon acquired by Mahishi.
Mahishi was the sister of Demon Mahishasura who was killed by Goddess Durga, who came up on earth with the energy of the Trimurtis and other Devas. Mahishasura had received the boon that no man could kill him but he was eventually killed by Goddess Shakti in her Durga form.

Demon Mahishi went a step ahead and performed intense tapas and austerities to please Brahma. Finally, Brahma relented and as a boon Mahishi asked that a son born to Shiva and Vishnu should only kill her.
She asked this boon as Vishnu and Shiva had got better of all the boons that the demons had received earlier. Now it was impossible for a son to be born to Shiva and Vishnu as they were of same gender. Vishnu had taken the form of M…

ISKCON Krishna Lila Theme Park in Bangalore – Building it for Preserving Hindu Culture is a Foolish Reason

The proposed ISKCONKrishnaLilaTheme Park in Bangalore is an amusement park that is organized around the stories and moral lessons from Hinduism especially those associated with Hindu God Krishna. Estimated to cost Rupees 35 million, the project is planned at Vaikuntha Hill off Kanakapura Road in Bangalore. The makers claim that this costly project is to uphold and preserve Hindu culture.The Reason for Building the ISKCONKrishnaLilaTheme ParkThe makers of the theme park claim that they want to use modern technology to enrich people with the awareness of Indian culture, to deepen the appreciation of its timeless legacy and discover the relevance of the values embodied in the source books of Indian heritage in the form of KrishnaLilaTheme Park. Those behind the park want to present, conserve and uphold the cultural heritage of India as described in the ancient Indian classics, to the contemporary society, in an interesting and captivating presentation. They wishes to impress upon the you…

Shravan Dwadasi – Sawan Dwadashi Puja

Shravan Dwadasi puja is observed on the 12th day during the Shukla Paksha of Sawan month as per traditional calendar followed in North India. Shravan Dwadasi 2018 date is August 23. The day is of great significance to the Kashmiri Pandit community – an important ritual takes place on the day at a ShivaTemple in Shopian in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Shravan month is dedicated to God Shiva and various rituals are dedicated to him in this month. The most famous among them is the Shiva puja on Mondays. Apart from this Shiva temples in North India conduct numerous other pujas and rituals in Sawan month.

Teachings from Hitopadesha

Of all things Knowledge is esteemed the most precious treasure; because of its incapacity to be stolen, to be given away, or ever to be consumed.
There are two types of knowledge in use – the knowledge of strength and arms and the knowledge of books. The first is ridiculous in old age, while the second one is for ever honorable.
As the potter forms the lump of clay into whatever shape he likes, similarly a man can regulate his own actions.
Those who are learned in Vedas and posses many knowledge experience trouble when their reason is blinded by greed.
A combination of even small things serves the occasion. An intoxicated elephant may be bound with a few straws when formed into a rope.