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How to observe Budhavar Vrat? – Wednesday Fasting in Hinduism

Budhavar, or Wednesday, is generally dedicated to the planet Budha or Mercury, Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. Those people who believe in Astrology propitiate Mercury as He is compassionate and generous and helps in worldly pursuits and blesses with wisdom. In some regions, Lord Shiva is worshipped on the day. Lord Ganesha is also worshipped in many regions on Wednesday. The day is also of great significance to Lord Vithal (Krishna) in Maharashtra. It is believed that worship and fasting on the day promotes peace and happiness in life and helps in a happy married life.

Those people who observe Budhavar Vrat propitiate Budha or Mercury. Budha is believed to have a sharp intellect and is proficient in all sciences. He is worshipped for good intelligence, education, success in business and commerce.

Budhwar Vrat is observed for 24 hours and those undertaking the fast on the day eat a single meal in the afternoon. Couples undertake the fast together for a happy married life.

Green is the color of the day. People wear green colored dress. The offering made to Budha usually includes green colored grams like Moong Dal.

On the day, devotees listen to the Budhvar vrat katha before performing the evening puja.

The Prasad that is made on the day is using green colored dal or grain. Black and red color flowers are offered to him. In regions people offer ghee and curd. The fruit offered is grape.

In some regions, people start new ventures on Wednesday as Mercury or Budh is considered to help new business ventures. Educational activities begin on Wednesday in some places.

Lord Krishna, Lord Vithal, Lord Shiva, and Lord Ganesh are worshipped on Wednesday in different regions. But fasting is mainly dedicated to Budh Grah and is usually performed for astrological reasons or to improve relationships.