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Vijayadasaru Aradhana

Vijaya Dasaru Aradahana is an annual event held every during Shukla Paksha Dasami (10th day of waxing phase of moon) of Kartik Month. Vijaya Dasaru Aradhana is on November 18, 2018. Vijaya Dasaru had left his body and merged with the Sri Hari Vishnu during this period. Sri Vijayadasaru (1682 – 1755), has composed more than 25000 devotional songs in Kannada, and he is one of the most renowned scholar and philosopher of Dwaita philosophy of Madhvacharya. 
Vijaya Dasaru Aradhana is annually held at Chippgiri, a place associated with Vijaya Dasaru. The aradhana is being held in ‘Sri Vijaya Dasara Katte’ (Vrindavana) at Chippgiri. Thousands of followers of Madhvacharya (Madwas) attend the Aradhana and take darshan on these days.
Chippgiri is about 9 Km from Guntakal Railway Station in Andhra Pradesh. The place is on the Karnataka – Andhra Pradesh border.