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Hindu Calendar August 2009 – Desktop Wallpaper Ganesh Chaturti

This is a Desktop Wallpaper Hindu Calendar for August 2009 with some of the important festivals and auspicious days in August 2009. The festival and fasting dates are based on Indian Standard Time. The theme of the wallpaper is Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesh as Sri Krishna Jayanti and Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in August 2009.Click on the image for a larger view and then right click and save the image to your computer (image size is 217 kb)You may also like to readOther Important Festivals and Auspicious days in August 2009

Religious People Should be Gender Blind

We Hindus worship Mother Goddess in numerous forms. And a large section of the worshippers of Goddess in Hindu society practice gender bias in numerous ways – the most horrific form of it is in sex-selective abortion and female infanticide. Worshippers of feminine aspects of divinity, often fail to respect women in real life.Writing on this subject in the Faith section of Washington Post, Aseem Shukla, Co-founder of Hindu American Tradition, says that the sacred traditions should be gender blind. As a Hindu male I can speak to the choices I can make. I can choose to see our most sacred scriptures, the Vedas, as influenced by some of the towering divine intellects that communed to put forth this compilation--Gargi, Savitri or Anasuya--who happened to be women. The four major divisions of my faith--Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Smartha and Shakti--all worship Femininity as an equal half to a male representation, but the Shakti followers worship the Mother Goddess as a representation of the cre…

Chandra Grahan Time Middle East and Dubai – Lunar Eclipse August 2009 Timings

There is a shallow penumbral lunar eclipse, Chandra Grahan, on August 06, 2009. The Eclipse will be take place in Middle East, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Oman and Abu Dhabi. But it is not visible to the naked eye. The grahan time is from 02:04 to 05:14 in Gulf countries. Here are the timings in Middle East and Dubai. All local time.United Arab EmiratesDubaiEclipse Begins at 03:04 AM on August 6, 2009Eclipse Ends at 06:14 AM on August 6, 2009Abu DhabiEclipse Begins at 03:04 AM Eclipse Ends at 06:14 AMBahrainEclipse Begins at 02:04 AMEclipse Ends at 05:14 AMKuwaitEclipse Begins at 02:04 AMEclipse Ends at 05:14 AMQatarEclipse Begins at 02:04 AMEclipse Ends at 05:14 AMSaudi ArabiaEclipse Begins at 02:04 AMEclipse Ends at 05:14 AMOmanEclipse Begins at 03:04 AM Eclipse Ends at 06:14 AMRelated

Chandra Grahan August 2009 Timings in United States

Chandragrahan August 6 Timing in South Africa and Kenya

Chandra Grahan August 2009 Timings in Europe and En…

Sri Ramakrishna on Maya and Brahman

Hari, wearing the mask of a lion’s head, looks indeed very terrible. He goes where his little sister is playing, and roars hideously. She is shocked and terrified, and shrieks out trying to escape from the frightful creature. But when Hari puts off the mask, the frightened girl at once recognizes her loving brother and runs up to him, exclaiming, ‘Oh, it is my dear brother after all!’Such is the case with all men. They are deluded and frightened. But when the veil of Maya is removed from the face of Brahman, one does not see in Him a terrible and uncompromising Master, but one’s own most beloved inner Self.Sri Ramakrishna

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