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Karkidaka Vavu Bali 2010 in Kerala – Rituals Dedicated to the Dead Ancestors

Vavu Bali, or Karkidaka Vavu Bali, is a ritual, or rites, dedicated to dead ancestors performed by Hindus in Kerala in the Malayalam month of Karkidakam. Karkidaka Vavu Bali 2010 date is August 9. Dead parents, grand parents, relatives and ancestors are remembered on the no moon day (Karutavavu) in Karkidaka Masam and ‘Shraddham’ for them is performed on the seashore and on riverbanks. The ritual performed for the souls of dead is referred as ‘Bali’ in Kerala and Vavu is Amavasi or no moon day. In Kerala, ‘Bali’ is performed on no moon day, known as Karuta Vavu in Malayalam. Bali is also performed on the birth star or Nakshatra of the dead person. But ‘Bali’ performed on Amavasi day in Karkidakam month is considered highly auspicious and it is believed that souls of the dead are pacified easily. The Bali in Karkidakam month is important because the Dakshinayana period begins in this month. It is considered to be the night of the Devas. The popular belief is that ancestors will achieve …

It Is All About Pandavas In This Karnataka Village

All traditions and beliefs in BannikoppaVillage in Haveri District of Karnataka revolve around the legends based on the five Pandava brothers in Mahabharata. Bannikoppa villagers believe that the Pandavas lived in their village for one year during their exile period. Majority of the male members in the village are named after the Pandavas. The village domesticates only cow and no other animal because Pandavas did not like domesticating any other animal.When some villagers tried to rear goats or breed fowls, they all were killed by rare diseases. Only Lingayat Panchamasali community members live in the village as it is believed that other community members cannot live in the village. So other community members don’t stay overnight at the village.A century-old temple in the village is named after the Pandavas and it is the only temple in Bannikoppa.BannikoppaVillage is about 6 km from Shiggaon in Haveri District of Karnataka.Times of India ReportsElders of this 250-household village bel…

Hari Tritiya

Hari Tritiya is observed three days after no moon day or Amavasi in the Shravan month as per the traditional Hindu calendar in North India. In 2017, the date of Hari Tritiya is July 26. The day is dedicated to women. Girls and women indulge in swinging, singing and dancing on the day. The festival is also known as Hariyali Teej in many regions.

Hari Tritiya festival is a festival dedicated to the lush green nature after the first monsoon showers. It is essential a celebration of the green nature. Women make merry on the day and special gifts are given by elders to all the women members in the family.

The festival is of great importance in the Braj region in Uttar Pradesh.

People also prepare various different types of sweets and food items in their homes. This is first offered to the important deity in the region and later distributed as Prasad.

Thoughts on True Knowledge of God by Dr S Radhakrishnan

Dr S Radhakrishnan explains the true knowledge of God by quoting from the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita in an article in the book 'Our Heritage.'
True religion consists in an insight into the first principle of God, knowledge, personal knowledge of God, not merely a dogmatic statement about Him, not merely what you hear from other people, but seeing Him face to face; that constitutes the essential basis of religion.The Upanishad tells us that what we should know is a knowledge of God, not an intellectual knowledge, but an illumined personal experience of the Supreme. There is a world of difference between those who say ‘asti Brahma’ and those who say ‘aham brahmasmi.’There are many people who go about saying God exists, but that knowledge of the existence of God is indirect, it is not personal, it is merely theoretical and borrowed knowledge. Those who say, I have felt the reality of God in the pulse of my being, I have felt him in my nerves and my bones, I know Him as deep…