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Hindu Sacred Thread Ceremony (Upanayan) for Girl Child – Breaking Traditions for Good

The very mentioning of Hindu sacred thread ceremony (Upanayan), a Vedic practice, for a girl or woman will cause a flutter among orthodox Hindus and traditionalists. For the conservatives, sacred thread ceremony is only for boys and men. But Sejal Amod Ketkar, eight-year-old girl from Thane, went through the sacred initiation rite and the ceremony was performed by a female priest as male priests were not ready to perform the ritual on a girl.The sacred thread ceremony is no doubt part of orthodoxy and there are many Hindus who don’t perform it or rather ignore it. But millions of Hindus also perform the sacred thread ceremony but is limited only to the male members of the community. Why are girls or women kept out of the Hindu sacred thread ceremony? There is no answer to this. It is the practice that is being followed. The only reason for this is that rituals and ceremonies were decided by male members of the society and they just simply kept women out of it for power.The Upanayan ce…

Vat Savitri Purnima Vrat – Vatsavitri Poornima

Vat Savitri Purnima Vrat is a fasting observed by married women for the well being of their husbands in certain parts of India. In 2018, the date of Vat Savitri Purnima Vrat is June 27. For those people who observe the traditional three-day Vrat in India, Vat Savitri Vrat Arambh (Begins) on June 6 and ends on June 8. The Vat Savitri fasting is based on Savitri Satyavan legend in the Mahabharata. The Vrat is observed during Purnima (Full moon) in the month of Jyeshtha and is more popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra. In some regions it is a three-day Vrat. 
It must be noted that Vat Savitri Amavasya Vrat is observed during the Amavas (No moon day) in Jyeshta month and this Vrat is more popular in Northern parts of India.

Vat Savitri Vrat fasting is for three days. It begins on the Trayodashi day and ends on the Purnima – the fast is for three nights and ends on the fourth day morning. Prayers and pujas are dedicated to Vat Vriksha (Banyan Tree) and Savitri. Some people now fast only on t…

Kumbha Rashi June 2009 predictions – Astrology and Horoscope

Aquarius in English Zodiac System is known as Kumbha Rashi in Hindu Astrology. For people born in Kumbha Rasi, June 2009 is a tough period. There will be some financial uncertainty. Professionals will find in murky situations due to some colleagues or juniors. You might regain contact with an old friend or ally. Professionals will have a busy month. At the workplace, it is better to avoid gossips and concentrate on your work. On the job front, there will be lot of expectations from you. Some past mistakes might crop up – avoid getting frustrated and stay focused. Business people will have a good but a very busy month. Right time to think about organizational changes and other infrastructure changes. There will be some trouble related to debts, loans and property. Avoid being a spendthrift. There will no new financial sources opening up. Loans and borrowing money should be the last option. Stay passive this month. During difficult times friends and family members will of great help. Tr…

Sage Narada Thoughts on How to Attain Peace from Srimad Bhagavad Purana

Knowledge of self-realization, even though free from all material affinity, does not help a person if devoid of devotion. Persons who are intelligent and philosophically inclined should endeavor only for that goal which is not obtainable in this world of relativity. As far as happiness is concerned, it comes automatically in course of time, just as we beget miseries even though we do not desire them.The best remedial measure for removing all troubles and miseries is to dedicate one’s activities to the service of the Supreme Lord. As a thing is used medically to cure a disease that was caused by that very same thing, similarly when a man’s activities are dedicated to the service of the Lord, those very activities which caused his bondage become the destroyer of the bondage.Sage Narada

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