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Swami Chinmayananda Thoughts on God

You see, God is not just a person or individual, sitting in a palace above the clouds, dispensing favors. It stands to reason that every effect must have had a cause prior to it. The watch you are wearing did not make itself. Your breakfast did not cook itself. There was a cause, in each case. That cause must have emerged from a previous cause. God is now the very first cause. The sole cause. The uncaused cause. There was no cause before Him. He is the oldest, the most ancient, He was before Time. The Santana.This causation of hunting is the favorite pastime of the evolving human intellect – trying to trace everything to its ultimate origin. That which is beyond the point at which the intellect gets stalled is GOD. The intellect cannot come to a conclusion as to the ultimate cause as in the age-old example of the hen and the egg. ‘Thus far – no farther’ is the limitation of the capacity of the human intellect.Allah, Christ, Buddha… these are a few of the different way in which He or I…