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Thoughts on Hinduism

Hinduism is like a tree that has grown gradually, than like a building that has been erected by some great architect at some definite point in time. K M SenHinduism believes in the oneness not of merely all human life but in the oneness of all that lives. GandhijiOne of the principal aspects of Hinduism that impresses me is its scientific nature. Hinduism has stood up to the challenges of modern science better than any other religion. The reason is simple: if anything is found at variance with facts, it is quietly forgotten. Hinduism is thus constantly refreshed and updated. The West had one reformation 500 years ago. We have a permanent reformation. A.B.VajpayeeThe faith which the Hindus had in their religion never wavered even in its worst days. It has had waxings and wanings which has kept the balance even. In judging the vitality of Hinduism the point should be emphasized that it has maintained itself through the ages and enforced obedience to itself without support from any kind …