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Magh Saptami Surya Festival– Magha Shukla Saptami Dedicated Sun God

Magh Shukla Saptami, or Magha Saptami, is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Surya, the sun god in Hinduism. In 2025, the date of Magh Saptami is February 4. It is observed on the seventh day of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) of Magh Month (January – February).

The most important ritual on the day is taking a holy dip (bathing ritual) on sunrise. The famous Chandrabhaga fair is held on the day at Konark in Odisha.

Thousands of devotees take a holy bath at the Chandrabhaga Tirtha near the Konark Sun Temple on Magha Shukla Saptami. Several thousands of devotees also take a holy dip at the near by sea.

The day is also observed as Ratha Saptami and is a major event in Tirupati Balaji Temple and in many parts of South India. Magha Saptami is also known as Surya Jayanti.