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Mobile Games Based on Mahabharata

Two mobile games based on Mahabharata titled ‘Abhimanyu’ and ‘Bheeshma’ was launched by Mauj Mobile, a company providing mobile content, applications, software, services and media solutions in India. Available in 2D and 3D setups, the game is based on two most popular characters in the epic Mahabharata.In the Abhimanyu game a player has to come out of the Chakravyuh. In the Bhishma game, the player has to defeat the Panadava Army without hurting the five Pandava brothers. You need a GPRS/WAP enabled SIM to download the games.

Magh Navratri – Gupt Navratra

Magh Navratri, or Gupt Navaratri, is observed Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) of Magh or Magha month (January – February) as per the traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. In 2018, Magh Navratri begins on January 18 and ends on January 26, 2018. Magh Navratri is dedicated to the nine forms of Shakti – Hindu Mother Goddess. The Navratra rituals are followed mainly by women in the Hindi speaking states in India.

Magh Navratra is also known as Gupt Navratri. The rituals and forms of Shakti worshipped during Magh Navratri vary from region to region. In some regions, it is noted for a nine-day community worship of the nine forms of Shakti.

Fasting is observed on certain days of Magh Navratri and strictly vegetarian food is consumed during the period.

Gupt Navratra is also observed during Shukla Paksha of Ashada (June – July).

Two of the most famous Navratris are the Chaitra Navratri and the famous Navratri held during (September – October).

Words of Wisdom – Swami Tejomayananda

Contentment is good, but it is not good to be content with one's spiritual practices. We are often satisfied with our spiritual progress, but our greed for worldly possessions is insatiable; this is where contentment is a vice. We should have very few physical needs and put most of our effort into spiritual matters.Walking would be a constant falling forward. However, we walk because we have faith that we will not fall. The first step we took as a small child was entirely on faith. Man progressed from the time he was dwelling in the caves to the modern era of computers because of his faith in the observation of the world and in the laws governing it. This faith in his own sense organs and intelligence made him experiment with nature and discover her various secrets.Yes, God is motionless, because there isn't any place where He is not. When a child is sitting in his mother's lap, he can cry for a million things, but he cannot cry for his mother to come. We are all in the la…