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Book – Birds, Beasts, Men, and Nature — Tales from the Mahabharata

Birds, Beasts, Men, and Nature — Tales from the Mahabharata written by Kavita A. Sharma is a collection of thirty eight stories picked up from different chapters of the epic Mahabharata. As the title of the book indicates, the author concentrates on the birds and beasts in the Mahabharat and how these beings of forest interact with man and nature. All the tales teaches some basic value which is fast vanishing from human society.A highlight of the book is the refreshing illustrations. The thirty eight tales are preceded by an introduction which explains framework of the stories and this helps in a better understanding of the tales. The book also contains a Foreword by the famous Mahabharat scholar, Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya.Kavita A. Sharma is the Principal of the HinduCollege in Delhi and had earlier written the Queens of Mahabharata. Birds, Beasts, Men, And Nature – Tales From The Mahabharata
Publisher – Transedit Communications
Author – Kavita A Sharma
Price – Rupees 350/-

Inspirational Quotes – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

When attention is given to the spiritual aspect of one’s life, it brings responsibility, a sense of belongingness, compassion and caring for the whole humanity. The Spirit upholds and sustains life. It makes you strong and solid. It breaks down the narrow boundaries of caste, creed, religion and nationality and gives you an awareness of life present everywhere. It is only through this awareness, this uplifting of consciousness, that wars can be eliminated and human values restored in the world today.The time on this planet for us is a gift. When we consider time as a gift, our whole outlook towards life shifts.Any event has the good and not-so-good aspect. The not-so-good part has made you strong and helped you realize that you can handle it. The good part gives you peace and tranquility.It is easy to get swept away in a negative mode. It takes courage to move out of it.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar