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Hinduism Today Magazine seeks Hindu view on Biofuels produced from animal fats

Hinduism Today Magazine, read by millions around the world, is a global public service to the family of Hindu faiths and is produced by a small monastic community based in Hawaii, United States. In one of the latest initiatives, Hinduism Today Magazine is asking the opinion of Hindus on Biofuels produced from animal fats. Hinduism Today Magazine view on Biofuels produced from animal fatsAs biofuel companies search for substitutes to food crops, such as corn and soybeans, to make renewable alternatives to petroleum-based fuels, some are turning to chicken, pork and beef fat to make these ‘green’ fuels. Hinduism Today is investigating the use of these animal fats to produce biodiesel for a coming article in the magazine. Sourced from animals already slaughtered for human consumption, the fuel produced from their fat is being touted by its makers as environmentally friendly, with lower carbon emissions than fossil fuels. Among vegans and environmentalists there is debate on the merits of…

Baba Ramdev to launch two Television Channels dedicated to Bhajans and Vedas

Swami Ramdev, popularly called Baba Ramdev, is planning to launch two channels exclusively dedicated to bhajans and Vedas. The popular Hindu spiritual television channel Aastha is also currently run by Swami Ramdev. Baba Ramdev's yoga classes on Aastha Channel are shown across 170 countries and have a viewership of 20 million people.Times of India reportsSwami Ramdev's spokesperson S K Tijarawala told TOI that the two 24-hour channels will be launched by April. One will explore Indian traditional and devotional music like bhajans and the other will propagate Indian culture through the learning of the Vedas.

Tijarawala said Swami Ramdev was acting as mentor and guide to both the channels. ‘Just like Swami Ramdev has a five-and-a-half hour yoga show on Aastha national and Aastha international, the two new channels will also run under the guidance of Swami Ramdev. He will have his own segments in the channel besides that for well-known exponents of Indian culture, music and dance,…

A Prayer dedicated to Lord Venkateswara from Tallapaka Annamacharya

You are not the one who stands at one place!
If you are truly perceived, You are everywhere!''As is the self in one's body, so is the self in all living creatures"
the one who thinks thus, he himself is like You!
Like one's mother who gave birth, if one sees all women thus
that sinless one, he himself is like You!At all times unfailingly adhering to the vow of being truthful,
the one who conducts thus in a superior way, he himself is like You!
The one who considers all wealth as mere trifle,
and who has conquered desires, he himself is like You!Joyfully viewing pleasures and pains with equanimity
one who accepts them thus, he himself is like You!
O Lord of Venkatachala, You who are proclaimed by the knowers of the Vedas,
You alone are the beginning, the end, and everything!!