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Jara Jivantika Puja in Maharashtra – Gujarat - Importance of Jara Jeevantika Vrata in Shravan Month

Jara Jivantika Puja is mainly observed on Fridays in the Shravan Month in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Jara Jivantika Puja 2018 dates are August 17, August 24, August 31, and September 7. The vrata is dedicated to Goddess Ma Jivantika – Hindu goddess who is the protector of children. She is also believed in helping couples to get children. Goddess Jeevantika is worshipped on all Fridays in Shravan month. The mantra that is chanted on the day is "Om Shri Jivantikayai Namah."


The significance of Ma Jivantika and Jara Jivantika Vrat is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. She is the protector of children. Earlier many children used to die before reaching the age of five.

The death was more common during the rainy season. Shravan is the peak of rainy season in western parts of India.

Mothers therefore kept the vrat for protecting their children.

Who and How to Observe the Vrat

Married women observe the Jara Jivantika Puja for the welfare of their children and to get healthy babies.

Women who observe the Vrat wear only red clothes on the day and avoid social functions. After the morning bath, she performs an Arati to Goddess Jivantika. After the puja, some rice is held in the hand and the devotee asks the Goddess to protect her children and then she sprinkles the rice on the head of the children.

Those observing the vrat avoid cooked food on the day. Usually, they only consume fruits and water. Some people do not sleep during night but this is today skipped by many people.