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Environment management system for Hindu Temples in Pune – unique idea by Pune students

Environment Management System (EMS) for temples is a unique and highly praiseworthy idea by some students from the University of Pune. An environmental database of major temples in Pune city and around, sensitizing temple management about environmental issues related to temples, exchange of ideas, and solutions to manage and minimize the environmental damage taking place due the huge crowd that throng the temples are some of the areas that the Environment Management System (EMS) will be dealing with. Innovative methods and new initiatives employed by temples will part of the database and this exchange of ideas will help all the temples in the region. The project has already covered important temples at Mandhardevi, Alandi, Dehu, Jejuri, Narayanpur, Ranjangaon and Morgaon. Kalpesh Gupta, Pradnya Khodke and Priyanka Patange are the three students working on the project.Prasad Kulkarni writes in Times of India about this commendable project“The database will have all the necessary inform…

Sage Vasishta on How to get or have constant Peace on Mind

Mind is the greatest of all mysteries. It stands between an individual and the highest truth and is the cause of both bondage and liberation.
Properly trained, mind can help you attain enlightenment, but if misguided, it can leave you stranded on the shoals of confusion and bondage.
Peace is created by the mind.
First, make the decision to be content in any circumstance. From that womb of contentment, peace is born.
It is foolish to expect to achieve peace by retiring into the deep forest or leaving for a distant galaxy. Ultimately, one must find peace within.
Sage Vashishta (Source: The Tradition of the Himalayan Masters Pandit Rajmani, Ph.D. Tigunait)