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Thula Snanam – Holy Bath in River Kaveri in Tamil Nadu

Thula Snaanam, also referred as Tula Punya Snanam, is an important bathing ritual observed in Tamil Nadu. It is observed in the Tamil Month Aipassi (October – November), which is also referred as Thula – Aipassi. In the month, people wake up in the early morning and take holy dip in the River Cauvery (Kaveri). Puranas like Agni Purana narrates about the importance of the holy bath. Thula Snaanam begins on October 17 and ends on November 16 with Muduvan Muzhuku.

Interestingly, during the same period the Kartik Snaan takes place in North India. Lord Krishna explained about the importance of this period of year to Satyabhama.

Scriptures indicate that bathing in River Kaveri during Tula-Aipassi month will help in absolving all the sins. Taking a holy dip in morning in Cauvery is equated to taking a dip in Ganga at Prayag and at other holy Tirthas.

Special pujas dedicated to Kaveri are also held during the month.

Temples along the banks of Kaveri River attracts large number of devotees during the entire period. Temples like Maayavaram and Srirangam and various temples in Kumbakonam, Tiruchi and other important places along the banks of River Kaveri are the most favored spots.