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Simple Ideas and Tips to decorate home during Diwali

Financial crisis or prosperity, rich or poor, decorating the house during Diwali is a must for all people. Utmost importance is given to cleanliness during Deepavali because Goddess Lakshmi is welcomed to home on this day. Decoration during Diwali is not all about costly renovation and new paint. Time, few constructive ideas, determination and patience can give every home a makeover and new look during Diwali. Here are few simple tips and ideas for decorating home during Diwali:

Who is going to clean the entire house? Don’t try to clean and decorate the entire house in a day. Forget the big picture. Find time daily to do some work. Make it a point to clean a room daily. Within a week the entire house will be clean. This will help in better concentration and less work.

Forget about painting the house in a short period. Instead give the walls a new look by tickling your creativity. Use floor rugs, wall rugs, old colorful Saris, rangolis, flowers, colorful clothes etc on the wall. Go for bright colors like red, blue, purple etc. (You can also borrow or steal ideas from Hindi serials and films.)

Change the curtains, cushion covers, door hangings etc with bright and fresh color materials. Again look for inspiration in television serials and movies.

If you have time and ideas, change the arrangements in living room. Rearrange the furniture. A change from routine arrangements will bring a smile in all. This can be a Diwali decoration. Bring in new green plants and flowers. Before rearranging, make a sketch in a paper so that you will get a good idea of what to do.

Diwali is all about lights. Make sure that all the lamps are working. Clean the chandeliers. Look for new lamp shades. You don’t need to buy them all. Old hard sheets and other colorful materials can be converted into lamp shades. While arranging Diyas, try to create different shapes.

Finally, each region has a traditional Diwali decoration. Try to be a bit flexible with the traditional decorations.

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