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Karva Chauth Rituals

Karva Chowth, or Karwa Chauth, is an annual fasting undertaken by women in North India on the fourth day of Kartik Month, as per North Indian Hindu lunar calendar. In 2017, the date of Karva Chauth is October 8. Karva Chauth Vrat (also known as Kadva Choth) is observed by women for a happy and prosperous married life and for the well being of the husband and is one of the most popular fast and ritual in North India.

Karwa Chauth is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is believed that Goddess Parvathi had observed severe penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband.

On the day, after an early morning bath married women eat food made from select grains and fruits. All this takes place before sunrise. After sunrise the women observe a strict fast. The fast is broken after sighting the moon at night. Women break the fast with an offering of water and flowers to the moon.

Women in the neighborhood gather in a house and take advice from elderly women on how to go observe Karva Chow…

Quotes from Bhagavad Gita Chapter Five

Krishna says:Enlightened beings see all things as equal.For them there is absolutely no difference, between a learned Brahmin, a cow, an elephant, a dog or a pariah. Being absorbed in Brahman they see nothing but the Self. And having overcome all bondages, although living in this world they are one with Brahman. Their mind rests in Brahman who is Changeless and Perfect. Can there be a better dwelling place than in Brahman? The enlightened person who abides in Brahman is at peace, and without any delusions. He/She is neither elated at receiving the pleasant things, nor is he/she saddened by the unpleasant.Bhagavad Gita V, 18-20