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What is a Gurumantra?

Gurumantra, or Guru Mantra, as the name indicates is a letter, a word or group of words that a Guru suggests to a student or Shishya when he/she is accepted as a disciple. Usually, a Gurumantra depends on the character of the student, especially the Gunas - sattvic, rajasic and tamasic. A true Guru easily gauges which Guna is dominating the disciple.Now, finding a true Guru is major issue. True guru never advertises; he/she is a like a wildflower and students or disciples are like bees and butterflies that search for the fragrance and reaches the flower even if it is hidden in the darkest spot in the jungle. True Guru is not a magician and he never performs miracles to attract disciples.The sole aim of the Gurumantra is to control the senses and set the individual in the path of Brahman consciousness.Those people who want to gain wealth and climb up the social ladder will never be initiated by a true guru. Such disciples usually never find the true guru and instead land up at the feet…

Krishna, Don’t make me an orphan – A Poem by Mataji Vanamali

O Shoure (Krishna)! Please don’t make me an orphan!
O thou who art the sole support of the abandoned!
Please don’t make me an orphan!

Birth after birth have I wandered through the desert of life,
Searching for Thee,
I’m but an unknown flower, faded and worn,
Unknowingly I have reached thy doorstep,
How can I offer myself to thee?
How can I be used in they puja?
O Shoure! (Krishna)! Help of the helpless!
Please don’t abandon me!

In the carnival of life I missed my way
And fell into a nightmare that lasted for eons!
O Lord of Lakshmi! Wilt thou not stretch thy hand and haul me to the shore?
O Ocean of compassion! Wilt thou not come running to save me?

O thou delight of my eyes!
Thou alone art my mother, husband, friend and relation,
No sons or grandsons do I have other than thee!
Having given up all my blood relations,
I have sought refuge at thy feet alone,
Will thou not accept me O Beloved Vanamali,
Wilt thou not come running to me, my darling Vanamali!Mataji Vanamali