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Anandmurti Gurumaa Quotes

All that you desire is right there within you, it is with you but you don't have that will to seek. The work of sages is not to give you knowledge; the work of mystics is to light that fire within, to inculcate a longing, a feeling of restlessness inside you.The day you stop seeking for the happiness in the outside world that is the day when you become truly contented.Who is the master: you or your mind? Can you put your mind in OFF mode? Can you make your mind silent whenever and wherever you want? If NO, then mind has more power than you, then mind is the master and you are just an ordinary person, not even a seeker yet. To a seeker mind is a tool to analyze, to remember, to understand, to think. But when he doesn’t want to do any of this then he simply put the mind in silent mode. If you can’t do this then you don’t know how to detach yourself from the mind.Books give you information with which you load your mind. Similarly, just by reading scriptures and other writings, you ca…