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Comic Book on Andhaka – the third son of Shiva and Parvati

The April 2008 issue of India Authentic series presented by Virgin Comics and Deepak Chopra is based on Andhaka – the third son of Shiva and Parvati. This is the 12th book in the India Authentic series. Legend has it that Andhaka was born when Parvati closed the eyes of Lord Shiva with her hands. The world was engulfed in darkness and the intense heat produced by Shiva’s third eye combined with his sweat to give birth to a blind and deformed child. Andhaka was given to demon king, Hiranyaksha who had no offspring.Later, Andhaka did intense ‘tapas’ for several years to please Brahma. Finally, Brahma relented and Andhaka was given eyesight and a boon that he will only be killed, if he ever chose his mother in marriage. Several years later Andhaka happened to see Goddess Parvati and wished to marry not knowing that she was his mother. This led to a major confrontation between Shiva and Andhaka and he was finally killed by Shiva. The story of Andhaka and Shiva slaying him has inspired a…

Swami Chidananda on Tantrism and Tantric Sex

Tantra, or the practice of ‘sacred sexuality,’ is becoming very popular in the West today. Do you think these teachings offer an authentic spiritual path?

No, I do not think that these teachings offer an authentic spiritual path. Why? Because of human frailty, human weakness. The human mind is so made that it always takes the path of least resistance. It always wants the easy way.Tantra is an approach to God through all types of sense enjoyment. Everything is offered to God and so everything becomes sanctified; nothing is profane. One enjoys sense satisfaction and sees it also as part of God's bliss. There is a view, and it has something to it, that while in all human experiences duality persists – there is an ‘I am enjoying this object’ feeling – that in the ultimate sexual experience between a truly loving male, intensely in love with the female and fully reciprocated by the female, there is no consciousness of one's individuality. There is a total fusion of the separatist co…