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Hindu Gold Rush Day – Akshaya Tritiya

The most auspicious time to by gold! Usher in prosperity with Akshaya Tritiya collection. Prosperity and wealth will increase manifold if pure gold is bought and worn on the auspicious occasion. Come let us welcome prosperity….These are advertisement captions by jewellery shops which can be found on television, newspapers and magazines. All meant to attract customers on Akshaya Tritiya – the Hindu Gold Rush Day.

Majority of the Hindus are ignorant about Hindu scriptures, especially the Puranas which talk about auspicious days and events. Hindus are again confused by astrologers, who make a living by it!

Ten years (even five years) back few devout Hindus performed pujas and chose the day to conduct marriages and begin new ventures. Majority of the Hindus even did not bother about Akshaya Tritiya. In fact, very few people knew about it.

But the clever managers of jewelry shops made use of the word ‘Akshaya.’ In India, nothing sells like spirituality. We might debate but Hinduism is truly a way of life in India and anything associated with it has a market.

Hindu scriptures, ideas and terms are open to interpretation as there is no final authority in Hindu religion. So, clever media managers of various consumer goods will find new days in a year to sell their products with help of Hindu religion.

Hindus have always associated prosperity with gold. Idols of deities are made in gold, pictures and paintings of gods and goddesses portray them wearing gold, marriages are made and broken on gold, etc etc.

But is not Ardha (wealth) an important aspect in Hinduism and is it not among the purushartha aims of life – Dharma, Ardha, Kama, and Moksha.

But Ardha is not alone there is Dharma, Kama and Moksha. Even when dealing with religious scriptures we are choosy, we twist them according to our mindset like Ardha and Kama is okay but not Dharma and Moksha. ‘Yep, when I am in my old age, I might think about Moksha.’ But the first and most important purushartha, Dharma is not at all agreeable.

In fact, our seers had cleverly placed Dharma first because when Dharma is there Kama, Ardha and Moksha will be normal and ideal practice.

When Dharma is practiced there is no hoarding and there is Dhanam (donating). Akshaya Tritiya too gives importance to Dhanam. Sanatana Dharma teaches to prosper by giving.

Puranas and epics clearly mention about the importance of alms giving, donating, Anna dhanam (donating food) on the day. But we never see advertisement about this aspect of Akshaya Tritiya. All advertisement talks about buying and hoarding.

Kuchela prospered by giving the only poha or beaten rice he had at his home to Krishna. And Krishna was too happy to eat the sweat drenched beaten rice offered by Kuchela which even contained stones. This is the true meaning of Akshaya Tritiya - prosper by sharing and giving.