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Reason And Story: Why is Akshaya Tritiya Celebrated?

Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar and is considered ideal for new beginning and investment. One of the most important stories associated with observing Akshaya Tritiya is that of Lord Krishna and Kuchela. Another significant reason is that of the Pandavas receiving the Akshaya Patra from Krishna. Interestingly, Lord Krishna plays and important part in the stories associated with Tritiya.

Kuchela (Sudama) Visited Krishna on Akshaya Tritiya

In the most famous story associated Akshaya Tritiya, Kuchela, a poor Brahmin and schoolmate of Sri Krishna, visited Krishna with the intention of asking some financial favor. Kuchela, also known as Sudama, carried with him handful of poha or aval (beaten rice). On reaching, the palace of Krishna at Dwarka, Kuchela was ashamed to give the ‘poha’ to Krishna.

But the ever playful Krishna noticed the small bag in the hand of his schoolmate and soon grabbed it and ate a handful of ‘poha’. Kuchela could not believe his eyes, Krishna, the king, eating his poha.

It is said ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (Guest are equal to God) and Krishna treated Kuchela like a God. The poor Brahmin was so overwhelmed by the love shown by Krishna that he forgot to ask for financial help and returned home empty handed.

On reaching his village Sudama could not find his old hut. Instead his hut was replaced by a palace. His wife and children were wearing good clothes and everything that was old and worn out was replaced with new.

It didn’t take long for Kuchela to realize that all this was the ‘leela’ of the ever-smiling Sri Krishna. The day Kuchela met Sri Krishna was hence observed as Akshaya Tritiya.

Krishna Gave Akshaya Patra To Pandavas On Akshaya Tritiya

Another legend happened in the Mahabharata. While the Pandavas were in exile, Sri Krishna presented them with an Akshaya Patra – a bowl which gives unlimited amount of food. It is believed that Krishna had presented it on a Tritiya day. Therefore it is believed that all investments on the day will only increase in value.

Parshuram Jayanti
The day is also the birthday of Lord Parshuram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Beginning of Treta Yuga
According to the Puranas, the day also marks the beginning to Treta Yuga.

Mahabarata Composition
On this day, Veda Vyasa began the composition of the Mahabharata. It is believed that Sage Vyasa started narrating Mahabharata to Ganesha on the day.

Birth Anniversary of Balarama
In South India, it is believed that birth of Balram, elder brother of Lord Krishna, happened on the day.

Appearance of Ganga River
Another legend has it that Ganga River appeared on earth on this day.