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Important Hindu Festivals and Auspicious Days in August 2007

3rd August 2007 – Tamil Aadi 18 Perukku9th August 2007 – Ekadasi12th August 2007 – Amavasai15th August 2007 – Tamil Aadi pooram Andal15th August 2007 – Teej Festival (Hariyali Teej). Also celebrated on 16th August17th August 2007 – Chingam – the first month of Malayalam calendar. Also Atham – preparations for Onam Celebrations begin.18th August 2007 – Nag Panchami24th August 2007 – Ekadasi27th August 2007 – Kerala Onam (Thiruonam)28th August 2007 – Raksha Bandhan28th August 2007 – Poornima (In some calendars August 29th)30th August 2007 – Kajari Teej (Also on August 31st)

Leaning Hindu Temple of Huma in Sambalpur, Orissa

The leaning HinduTemple at Huma in Sambalpur, Orissa, breaks all the written rules in Shilpasashtra, the traditional book for Hindu temple architecture. The leaning temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is known here as Lord Bimaleswar. Interestingly, the other smaller temples in the complex too are tilted in various angles. In fact, all most all the structures in the Huma temple complex including the boundary walls are tilted. The wonders don’t end with leaning structures; there are fishes on the river near the temple which gobble food from the hands of the devotees.

The 17th century Lord Shiva temple Huma is located on the banks of the River Mahandi. The main temple leans at an angle of 47 degrees to the west and the other small temples and gateway tilts at various other angles to various directions. Strangely, the pinnacle of the structures does not lean. People believe that the structures were designed by Vishwakarma – the divine architect of the Hindu world.
There are numerou…

Thought of the day – Swami Chinmayananda

The tragedy of human history is that there is decreasing happiness in the midst of increasing comforts.The quality of a mind would determine how the ego would react to a given challenge.Scriptures are not mere books for intellectual studies. We must learn to assimilate these ideas and come to live them.Swami Chinmayananda