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Malaysian Muslim Woman Wants to Live as Hindu But

Revathi, 29, a Malaysian woman was born to Indian Muslim parents, who converted from Hinduism to Islam. But Revathi was raised as a Hindu by her grandmother. She married Suresh Veerappan, a Hindu, in 2004 and they had a daughter in 2005. BUT the Malaysian law won’t permit Revathi to live as a Hindu. Because Malaysians who are born as Muslims are legally barred from changing religion.The marriage of Suresh and Revathi is not registered because under Malaysian law Suresh would have had to convert to Islam first. The trouble started when Revathi applied before a court to officially designate her as a Hindu. The authorities seized the couple's daughter and handed the child to Revathi's Muslim mother. Revathi was send to an Islamic rehabilitation center for six months. At the center Revathi was forced to recite Muslim prayers, wear Muslim dress and eat beef. Now authorities have released her from the rehabilitation center but have ordered her to live with her Muslim mother and unde…

Woman Barber at Bhadrachalam Temple

Fate made 30-year-old Saidamma a barber at the tonsure center in the famous BhadrachalamTemple in Andhra Pradesh. She took up the job when her husband died. If Endowment Commission Department of the state makes her a permanent employee, BhadrachalamTemple will follow Tirupati to become the second temple in Andhra Pradesh to have Women barbers.Head tonsuring at Hindu temples is symbolic surrendering of one’s ego before the Supreme Being.Tonsuring was a male prerogative in Hindu temples and earlier there were objections from several quarters for permitting women to tonsure head. But things are slowly changing and several women are coming forward to take up the job. Especially, when large number of Hindu women devotees are tonsuring at many famous temples including Tirupati, Palani and Bhadrachalam. Women devotees have opinioned that they feel comfortable with women performing the tonsuring.And Tirupati Trust is earning thousands of dollars by selling women’s hair which is in high demand…

My Friend Ganesha Reviews

My Friend Ganesha is a mind-numbing exercise in amateur film-making. It is supposedly a children's film but I personally don't know of any child who would enjoy such juvenile story-telling. Craft and writing are painfully absent while the actors seem to be fiercely engaged in a bad-acting competition. Anupama Chopra in NDTVGanesh suffers from static animation. The little god that befriends our lost and lonesome kid hardly looks playful enough to entice a young audience that already has its fill of state-of-the-art animation, courtesy Cartoon Network. Nikhat Kazmi in Times of IndiaKids deserve Better. My Friend Ganesha skims past the surface of this premise. What a shame considering this part animation-part live action actually had tremendous potential to entertain. Films like My Friend Ganesha just end up making one's blood boil. They aren't cute. They are certainly not clever. But kids are. And they deserve better. Sukanya Verma in RediffMy Friend Ganesha knows its ta…

Thought of the day - Dada J. P. Vaswani

Time belongs to God.
He has loaned it to us for use.
Let us use every minute, - every moment, - in the best way we can. The test of character is - Do you have the courage to stand up for truth even though the heavens fall?Can you smile in trouble? Can you say "No" when evil tempts? Dada J. P. Vaswani

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