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Showing posts from July 3, 2007

Demolition of Hindu Temples in Malaysia

Several Hindu temples have been demolished in Malaysia in the last couple of years and more than 50 temples have been served notice. Some of the temples are more than 100 years old. Most of the demolitions are taking place at the pretext of development and some even without proper government documents. Malaysia’s Hindus make up close to eight percent of the country’s 26 million people. Islam is the dominant religion in Malaysia.Last week, The Hindu Rights Action Force, a coalition of 30 NGOs committed to the preservation of Hindu heritage in Malaysia, submitted a memorandum to the office of the country's solicitor general. In May, 2006, a march was held by Hindus when the 60-year-old Om Sri Siva Balakrishnan Muniswarar Temple in Mukim Setapak was demolished. All this is happening when the Constitution of Malaysia has provided with the freedom to practice any religion.It is estimated that there are more than 15,000 small and big Hindu temples in Malaysia and most of them are in gov…

Hindu Gods Proposes In Nomination Paper for the Indian Presidential Elections

The nomination papers for the Indian presidential elections of independent candidate Mohan Ramayani had the names of Lord Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Bharata, Shatrughana, Kaushalya, Kaikayee, Dashratha, Sugreev and other mythological characters and Hindu gods as proposers. A list of 50 proposers and 50 seconders, from MLAs and MPs, are needed for filing nomination papers. Mohan Ramayani found his proposers in the characters in the Hindu epic Ramayana. The villains in the Ramayana where listed as seconders and this included Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Meghnad. Gods and mythological characters could not help in getting the nomination filed as it was disqualified.

Osho Quotes on Death

If death is ugly, that means your whole life has been a wastage. Death should be a peaceful acceptance; a loving entry into the unknown, a joyful goodbye to old friends, to the old world. There should not be any tragedy in it.
The mind goes on dividing on every level of being. Wherever the mind looks, immediately it divides; division, to divide, is the nature of the mind. So we say, ‘above and below;’ we say ‘up and down;’ we say ‘this world and the other world’; we say ‘life and death; we say in and out’; ‘extroversion and introversion – but all the division are of the mind. The below is part of the above, the beginning of the above; up is nothing but the extension of down. Life and death are not two, but the same energy arising is life, the same energy dissolving is death. Our mind in are not two; the division is only mental.
Purity simply means an uncontaminated state of mind, where only your consciousness is and nothing else. Nothing else really enters into your consciousness, bu…