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Mundaka Upanishad on the Desire for Fruits of Actions

Controlled by the diverse forms of ignorance, children without intelligence arrogantly feel: “We have achieved our purpose”. Because of the desires present within their minds, these performers of selfish actions fall down miserably to the field of action and to sorrow from the region of enjoyment on the exhaustion of the effects of their meritorious deeds. Mundaka Upanishad, Second Khanda, Mantra 9 Explanation of the Verse by Swami Krishnanada Actions, good or bad, give rise to limited results, and therefore, there is an end of the experience of the fruits of all actions. Though a person is really ignorant, he is made to feel that he is wise because of the semblance of consciousness that is reflected through his intellect. The fruits of actions are not powerful enough to give the performer of the actions lasting happiness. There is a threefold defect in the experience of the fruits of actions.
An action is generally performed with the expectation that it will bring the desired end. Bu…