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Showing posts from February 27, 2007

How China is Economically Exploiting Hindu Festivals?

When it comes to finding new markets to sell their products, China is ready for any type of compromise. When dealing with Indian markets, the Chinese Marxists are not averse to Hindu Gods and Hindu festivals. During last Diwali, idols of Hindu gods made in communist China captured Indian market and its consumers. This Holi it is the Chinese Pichkaris. Net result is that Indian cottage industry suffers. It is said that Chinese manufacturers sent experts well in advance to study about Indian festivals and the current market trend. They study the Indian products in the market and find out their limitations. Then they produce products in bulk that are attractive to the eyes. They might lack in quality but this is made up by the cheap price tag. Thus we have Chinese made Ganesh idol which is far attractive than the Indian Ganesh idol. An average Indian will opt for the Chinese Ganesh idol because it is far attractive.Chinese Holi pichkaris have already flooded the market. They come in sev…

Quote for the day – Tukaram

My God,
Wheresoever I go
Thou art my comrade: Lonely I fare through the world,
Yet never alone,
For thou art my Friend:Thou leadest me on,
Thy hand set fast in mine:Thou liftest the burden from my shoulder,
Thou bearest it thyself:Foolish words I speak,
Yet thou, Lord, settest all right:Thou hast taken away my fear,
Thou hast made me strong-hearted:Thou hast taught me to see in all men my friends,
My guardians, my kindred:Thou hast given me, O thou most bountiful,
The peace of thy presence, within and without.Tukaram