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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Science and Spirituality

In a highly thought provoking essay in the faith section of The Financial Express Sri Sri Ravi Shankar writes “If neither science nor spirituality can create wonder and devotion in you, then you ought to be in deep slumber.” Some points from the article of which each sentence is pregnant with meaning. Not even a single scientist was prosecuted in ancient India. In Hindu culture, it is experience first, and then believe. Science and spirituality are like two ways of looking at the creation.Science cultivates logic and spirituality develops intuition, another faculty of enquiry.Ancient rishis knew that the entire creation is reflected in each particle as consciousness. Today scientists are saying the same thing. The DNA of all the creatures can be created from one human DNA chain.Science is the systematic understanding of what this is. Spirituality is systematic understanding of who am I. The spiritual dimension of life in the truest form promotes scientific temper. It smashes the narro…

In search of Lord Jagannath’s Temporary Halts

History records several instances of idols from Hindu temples being shifted to safety. This shifting of idols was mainly due to attacks carried out by people believing in other faith. Yet another reason was natural calamities. The idols from PuriJagannathTemple had to be shifted several times fearing attacks and once it was kept for a long period at Gopali village in Sonetpur District of Orissa. This village is popularly known as Patali Srikhetra. This particular shifting has been mentioned in the temple manuscripts. The idols were kept underground near a ‘pipal tree’ in Patali Srikhetra. Scholars claim that the idols were kept here for more than four decades. After the first shifting, the idols were brought again to the village during another attack.Now the administration of PuriJagannathTemple is planning to conduct a detail study into these shifting of idols.