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Showing posts from February 6, 2007

Manuscript Treasures of India to be preserved

National Mission for Manuscripts will be preserving ancient Indian texts through a project named ‘Vijnananidhi: Manuscript Treasures of India.’ The Hindu reports"Through the recognition of texts that record attainments in disciplines such as the sciences, philosophy, scripture, history and the arts, the Mission hopes to highlight their value and unique contribution to India's life and history and encourage greater efforts to preserve the physical material of the manuscripts. The Mission plans to provide suitable financial assistance to the repositories of the Manuscript Treasures towards facilities for their proper storage and treatment, digitize each of them as well as consider applications towards research grants concerned with the study of these manuscripts," says the Director of the National Mission for Manuscripts, Sudha Gopalakrishan.

An attempt to engrave Ramayana on wooden sheets

Artist O.P.Khushwah from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, is attempting to engrave Ramayan on wooden sheets. Each wooden sheet made from Saugan wood (type of teak) measures 14'' by 18''. The estimated budget is around 2.5 million rupees. Each sheet contains 13 sentences and it will take around two to three months to complete an episode. The work is slowly progressing due to financial constraints and Khushwah has no other motive other than to express his devotion to Lord Ram. (link)