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VIPs to have less time in Tirupati

Ordinary pilgrims visiting Tirupati are made to wait for long hours due to the visit of VIPs. In fact, these VIPs usurp at least fiver hours a day and this makes the visit of ordinary pilgrims miserable. Now TTD, the governing body of the temple, is planning to reduce the VIP visiting hours.It is estimated that around 50,000 pilgrims visit Tirupati temple and the number increases during festival and auspicious days. If a VIP arrives, the poor pilgrims are made to wait for hours in queue.VIPs are a major problem in several temples across India.

Hindu Temple Katasraj in Pakistan to celebrate Shivratri

The Historic Hindu temple Katasraj in Pakistan will join the thousands of other Shiva temple across the world to celebrate Shivratri on February 16, 2007. Newspaper reports suggest Katasraj temple will be celebrating Shivratri for the first time after the formation of Pakistan. Hindu devotees from India are expected to participate. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Katasraj temple is part of several Hindu myths. On hearing Sati’s death, two tears trickled down from Lord Shiva and fell on earth. It is believed that the pond at the Katasraj temple complex was formed by the tear that fell here. The temple was later built near the holy pond. The temple is mentioned in the Mahabharata and during their exile Pandavas stayed here for sometime. It is believed that the dialogue between Yaksha and Yudhishtar took place here. The Katasraj temple complex is in a dilapidated condition and restoration works gained momentum with visit of BJP leader L K Advani in 2004. The restoration works are progressin…

Mohiniyattam Performance Sitayaanam explores Sita's mind

In ‘Sitayaanam’, Sita ponders about her relationships. Sita has sent her sons back to Ram and is now alone in the ashram of Sage Valmiki. Sita remembers the important episodes in her life and examines her reactions and of those close to her.

'Sitayaanam' concludes that Ram never understood Sita and this is the greatest regret in the life of Sita.
The performance titled ‘Sitayaanam – The Journey of Sita’ was presented in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala on Friday. Mohiniyattam is a traditional dance form of Kerala. The performance was choreographed by Dr Neena Prasad and she along with five other dancers participated.

Research on Ramacharita Manas to Clear Misinterpretations

Several verses in Hindu epic Ramacharita Manas are used to suppress women and dalits. Onkaranandji, a lecturer turned saint, has been studying Ramcharit Manas for over ten years to understand the true meaning of the verses that have been used to exploit dalits and women. His findings suggest that all these couplets have been misinterpreted for exploitation by people with vested interests. Onkaranandji has a PhD in Sociology and before taking ‘sanyas’ he was teaching at the BanarasHinduUniversity.So, what made him to do research on Ramacharita Manas? Talking to Hindustan Times he says “After taking sanyas diksha in 1986, I attended religious discourse of some renowned saints in different parts of the country. Everywhere I found that they quoted famous couplets of Ramcharit Manas for advocating tough behavior towards women and dalits in the society, which really shocked me.”For a better understating of Ramcharit Manas, he traveled across North India and studied the original hand writt…