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Wrongly quoting Bhagavad Gita to explain the mass destruction caused by US and its allies

An article appearing in FPIF on the mass destruction caused by United States and its allies quotes Bhagavad Gita to explain the nature of destruction. The article written by Conn Hallinan is titled “The Vishnu Strategy” (no idea what that strategy is) and quotes from the Bhagavad Gita. The Supreme Lord said: I am death, the mighty destroyer of the world, out to destroy.” According to the great Hindu text Bhagavad-Gita, Vishnu delivered that speech to Prince Arjuna before a great battle almost eight millennia ago.The author seems to be influenced by Robert Oppenheimer who quoted from Gita to describe the explosion of the atomic bomb.Firstly, it was not Vishnu who delivered Bhagavad Gita but Lord Krishna. Since Krishna being the incarnation of Lord Vishnu for argument sake the statement can be accepted.The above said quote is from the eleventh chapter of Bhagavad Gita (verse 32). And Conn Halliman has not taken the entire quote but mutilated it to suit his article.I am death,
The mighty …

Research on Kumbh Mela Says It Can Teach Lessons of Harmony

Researchers from St Andrews and DundeeUniversities say that Kumbh Mela holds the key to living together in harmony. The psychologists have completed a three-year study during the ongoing Ardh Kumbh Mela.The huge crowd, pollution and noise at Kumbh Mela should have increased the stress levels. But people became more orderly, supportive and generous according to Dr Clare Cassidy of St AndrewsUniversity. She says “This is the opposite of a ‘walk on by’ society; it is a community where people are attentive to the needs of strangers.” (link)According to the researchers Kumbh Mela could throw light on how society works and the nature of collective participation.

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A temple in Orissa protects and worships Turtles

The temple is located at Maneswar near Sambalpur in Orissa. The temple pond which is home to more than a thousand turtles was built in the 16th century and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. But (kurma) turtle was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and people here worship the turtles.The pond is spread over four hectares and has earthen embankments and rocks on sides. Turtles rest and breed on these embankments. People feed them with rice and have learned to co-exist with them. (link)

Kalpavasi at Kumbh Mela

With Naga Sadhus returning to their respective ashrams, the media has lost interest in Kumbh Mela. But thousands of people are still visiting the Sangam and then there are thousands of Kalpavasis – who reside for the entire period of Kumbh Mela at the Sangam. A Kalpavasi takes dip at the Sangam on all the days.A Kalp is the total years in the four yugas - Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyug. This adds up to several millions of years. When a devotee performs Kalpavas, he/she overcomes the sins in earlier birth and escapes from the numerous rebirths.The Kalpavasis arrive each year during the Magh month and spend the entire month in prayer at the Sangam. There are Kalpavasis who only take part during Kumbh Melas. They stay in makeshift houses or tents at the Sangam. Some avoid even the luxury of a cover over their head. Kalpavasi takes dip at the Ganges on sunrise and most of them take only a meal a day. A Kalpavasi performs Shayya Daan after completing 12 Kalpavas. Shayya Daan means ‘donat…

Pictures of Bahubali Abhisheka Ceremony at Dharmastala

Mangalorean carries extensive reports and photographs of the Bahubali Mahamastakabhisheka (head anointing) ceremony at Dharmastala.

Hindu Scholars to Improve the Collective Consciousness of Israel through Vedic Chanting

Three hundred Hindu scholars practicing Transcendental Meditation have applied for visa to go to Israel. Their aim is to ‘reorganize the Israeli chaos’ through Vedic chanting and meditation. Dr. Alex Kutai of the Institute for the Science of Creative Intelligence in Israel is behind this novel idea.The Jerusalem Post reportsAccording to Dr. Alex Kutai, yoga and chanting are the new technologies for defeating terror, solving national problems and promoting prosperity, peace and invincibility. Kutai is a doctor of the MaharishiResearchEuropeanUniversity in Britain and an expert in the science and technology of natural law.‘The chanting has to be performed with a certain mass of people who are the root square of one percent of the number of the country's population,’ he said. ‘In Israel this number is 300,’ said Kutai, asserting that the resultant positivism and harmony would ‘help prevent future dangers and intensify the good fortune of the nation.’Related PostsMass meditation in Ve…