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H2OM water and the Hindu symbol OM

Yes, the OM in H2OM is the ‘OM’ in Hinduism. The water is not from Ganges or Yamuna but from a natural spring water source in the San DiegoMountains. From the H2OM water websiteWe are very excited to introduce you to H2Om, “water with intention”. The first ever “vibrationally charged”, energy enhanced, interactive water brand. Delicious crystal clear natural spring water infused with the power of positive energy and intention.Now about the symbol OM in the bottled water. The website of the OM bottled water writes:“We employ the power of intention through words, thought, music and human interaction. The First is the vibrational frequency of the label. The use of words, symbols and colors on the label. Each bottle contains the symbol of the Absolute “Om ”. It also contains the vibratory word “Love” or “Perfect Health” written on the label in many of the world’s languages. A specific color vibration has also been chosen for each bottle, this color coordinates with the correspond…

Hindu links for 10/30/2006

Hindu outcasts convert to end social stigmasNothing new. Another feature of the evil caste system.Western media bias against Hinduism“India is shamed by the inequities in the caste system. But a stark fact that is sometimes overlooked by the critics of the caste system in and out of India is that this pernicious practice is actually not confined to the Hindu society alone. There are many Christian and Muslim converts from the lower Hindu castes who feel that they continue to be viewed as outcastes in their new religion by the ‘upper castes’.”Let Dalits become head priests of Hindu pilgrim centres: RSS"The time has arrived to consolidate the Hindu brotherhood. Dalits, the warriors of the faith, and the disadvantaged should be suitably trained and made head priests and protector priests of Hindu pilgrim centres along with those who call themselves Brahmins by birth," the RSS organ said in an editorial in its latest issue of Panchjanya.Hindus Taking Sikh TurbanInterestingThe li…