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Pay more and skip the long wait in Tirupati

Sevas at SriVenkateswaraTemple are famous, especially 'vastralankara seva' (dressing up Lord Balaji and goddess Padmavati in silk). VIPs are always impatient; so are they at the abode of Venkateswara. So, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) is now planning to make money from this impatience. If you are busy and can’t wait, then skip the long wait by paying Rs 50,000 instead of the 12,500 for 'vastralankara seva'. DNA reports: "Despite the long waiting list, VIPs and others with recommendations from influential people come here asking for earlier dates for their sevas and it becomes difficult for us to refuse. Accommodating such requests often upsets the schedule. Hence, the board decided to hike the rates for such special cases," TTD spokesperson(more details)I can imagine the smile on Balaji’s face at this new method. Anyway, a good way to make more money for the richest temple in India.

Hindu links for 10/28/2006

Hinduism includes many religious beliefsAn article by Sumit Anand and Punita Bhatt Tristate India Association, which introduces Hinduism. Games of ownership: God and us"With Deepavali and Eid just over and Chhath Pooja on this weekend, the quality of good behavior seems unduly strained. Let’s amuse ourselves then, with stories of how God seems to find amusement."Report of Chhath Poojan in PatnaChhath is celebrated six days after Diwali and is associated with purity and devotion to the Sun god. Married women observe fasts during the festival. Within, yet aloof"The philosophical and metaphysical insights revealed in the Bhagavad Gita serve to enlighten seekers of true knowledge. Lord Krishna clarifies to Arjuna the mystery of the immortal individual soul that dwells within the mortal body, and draws attention to the subtlest of truths that one needs to learn, grasp and internalize if one has to escape births."Problem and solution"A problem can be solved topicall…