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Hindu links for 10/23/2006

Fast-growing community of immigrants from India become more visible“The train station billboards tell it all. Local travel agents promise the best airfares from New York to Mumbai. Shagun Fashions is selling dazzling Indian saris. And DirecTV offers "the six top Indian channels direct to you."Tirupati temple to perform marriages of one lakh poor couples“The temple of Lord Venkateshwara at Tirumala in Andhra Pradesh, which has many firsts to its credit, has embarked on yet another pioneering move to get closer to the people. It will perform marriages of 1, 00,000 Hindu couples every year and give each bride one-gram gold mangalasutram as a blessing from the Lord.”Meditation: Laws of creation“Your physical body is not created by you. The powers that are necessary to create are not created by you. These are the Lord's creation, isvara-srsti, alone. Isvara-srsti includes the laws of dharma also. These laws are not created by us; they are only sensed by us. Gravitation is s…

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