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Hindu links for 10/22/2006

Ramayana paintings by Egyptian Children"A step towards generating strong cultural ties between India and Egypt, the Egyptian kids have painted Ramayana. This unique display in Madhubani art form was by children from the El-Alsson British International School in Cairo."
Pilgrimage at Tirupathi“The purpose of the visit, besides performing my annual religious journey, was to analyse this important spiritual site and find out why thousands of pilgrims queue for up to three days for a glance of the main shrine for only a few seconds.”Diwali in Nepal"Special worship is offered to other living beings like the crow, the dog, the cow, and the ox during the festival. Each day of the festival has its own importance and is celebrated with its own rituals."Diwali in Rome“It is the Hindu new year,” said Rome resident Mayur Patel. “It’s a very important holiday for Hindus around the world. It’s very similar to Christmas because of the festive atmosphere and gift and card giving.”