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Showing posts from October 21, 2006

Orkut joins in Diwali

Orkut, google’s online community, has joined in the Diwali celebration. The logo has a festive look but not the traditional Indian look. Instead of diyas it’s the lamps.

No Problem… another instance of the Indian festival of light going global. (link)

A Book of Hindu Deities for Children

“The Little Book of Hindu Deities: From the Goddess of Wealth to the Sacred Cow” this is the title of a children’s book written by Sanjay Patel, an animator at Pixar studios. The book explores the various Hindu deities for the children with the help of some wonderful and colorful illustrations. Sanjay Patel to Orlando Sentinel: "I really wanted something an Asian kid like me, growing up in L.A., could be proud of," says Patel, 32. "Something that wouldn't offend their parents, and that they could share with their non-Indian friends."“The book consists of more than 50 deities, demigods, avatars, mythical planets and epic characters, each with its own caricature and a page of simple text. There are also blessings, a creation narrative and a glossary.” (link)

Hindu links for 10/21/2006

Light the lamp of knowledge“The legends connected with the festival of Deepavali are many, but the primary reason is the celebration of ignorance giving way to the light of knowledge.”Caste System Is a Cultural PracticeA Hindu citizen reporter deplores the discrimination against her co-religionists“It is high time for Hindus to review the religious interpretation and the deep-rooted traditional practice surrounding the prevailing caste system.”Yet another episode of the ugly caste systemReform or perishDiwali demonstrates rich traditions of Hindu faith: Bush“US President George W Bush has said that Diwali not only demonstrates the rich history and traditions of the Hindu faith but is also a celebration that reminds Americans of the many cultures that enrich this country.”