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Hindu links for 10/13/2006

Families quietly remember 2002 Bali bombingsMany Balinese who practice Hinduism, the dominant faith on the island, are expected to go their temples for personal prayers.Prana of Gayatri is Life-affirming“The Aitareya Brahmna defines Gayatri as that which protects prana. Prana means the source of liveliness, consciousness and vitality. The element within us that grants us the ability to move, work, think and possess wisdom and life is called prana.”Objection to Transcendental meditation in schoolPaul Powell, whose daughter is a senior at the school, said transcendental meditation is inappropriate for schools because it is part of a religious movement rooted in Hinduism.Outcasts switch faith to gain freedomTaking advantage of the internal weakness in Hinduism. Media around the world is reporting about this news. But most of the Indian media are silent.Chancellor praises Hindu contribution at HFB Diwali eventBritish politicians on the British Hindu communityTirupati temple auctions human…