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Hindu links for 10/11/2006

THE SPEAKING TREE: Total Quality Management With Spiritual Awareness“Most of us generally believe that peace of mind comes from adequate achievements in the external world, despite what spiritual teachers tell us. We nurse a conti-nuing apprehension about the future and towards those whom we perceive as obstructing our way.”On Lord Shani’s role in HinduismIt’s from CNN-IBN so you know what to expect.Five-element model of world and the sacred symbol OmThe article details about the five elements. Another on the significance of OM.On Karva Chauth“This mainly north Indian festival gets glitzier by the year - a party that whole families now celebrate together, rather than just your traditional devoted wife.”Husbands also fast on Karva Chauth“A dozen men from Phagwara on Tuesday fasted on the occasion of Karva Chauth”Intruders vandalize temple in Trinidad“Thieves made a mockery of the Hindu murtis (religious images) at a Moruga temple over the weekend, stealing money meant for the pundit an…