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Hindu links for 10/05/2006

Overseas Indians turn to Web for festival prayersFor prices ranging from $8 to $15, religious portals are offering IT-savvy devotees prayer sessions done at temples in India, sending them a DVD of the prayer and offerings like dried flowers or vermillion, blessed by the priest.Hindu faithful invoke goddess Kali in JamaicaBay ritualWhen Indians were brought to the West Indies as indentured servants by the British, they brought their culture and religions along. From Guyana and Trinidad, immigrants of Indian descent took their practices along to the United States.Temple altered for kids’ safety - Dashrath shrine ‘deconstructed’A dilapidated overhead structure of the Vishnu temple in Srirangam, where Lord Ram’s father Dashrath is believed to have worshipped, has been dismantled to ensure the safety of over 500 schoolchildren who walk under it everyday.Bhardwaj temple at Allahabad, a picture of utter neglect!Bhardwaj Ashram was the spot where Lord Ram met sage Bhardwaj while on his way to…