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Lord Ganesh at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Lord Ganesh at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Quote for the day

Fire is my third guru. It burns everything, transforming it into flame. By consuming dead logs, it produces warmth and light. Thus, I learnt how to absorb everything that life brings and how to turn it into flame. This flame enlightens my life and in that light, others can walk safely.

Hindu links for 10/04/2006

Hinduism’s last Change to Reform – 3 and final seriesHistory and …. “Hindus need to become Monolith, Codify and Uncasteise themselves thereby removing their religion's inherent weaknesses, and hence become united and strong.”Culture shines on world stage“India’s soft power should be her vehicle to becoming a superpower”Hindus, Buddhists say 'No' to animal sacrifice“A reform-minded group of Hindus and Buddhists has called on the Nepali government and their respective religious leaders to ban the annual animal sacrifice in honour of the goddess Durga.”ISKCON's Swami Damodara passes awayGoverning Body Commissioner of ISKCON and International Director His Holiness Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami Srila Sripada passed away at his Kolkata residence.Divine paintings with lyrical charm“Through my paintings, I pay tribute to the cultural tradition of India, which I believe can never be outdated,” says Rakesh K. Sharma.Ancient idol, statues discovered near Shaniwarwada, Pune A ston…