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Quote for the day

Adi Sankara highlighted scriptural truths for the common man in an easy way so that the forces of ignorance and selfishness could be overcome. He disproved the misconceptions that regarded the performance of sacrifices ordained in the Vedas as the ultimate goal of life and convincingly established that the practice of Karma Yoga and not merely sacrifices, and worship of the Lord with sincere devotion could be a sure route to salvation.
Sri B. Damodara DikshitarSource: The Hindu

Hindu links for 10/01/2006

Hindu's karma both comforts, challenges believers“Central to the Hindu belief system is the concept of karma: the law of cause and effect as it is understood in the moral realm. “As we sow, so shall we reap,” is not a precept particular to Hinduism, but the faith teaches that our actions, words and thoughts have consequences in this life or in a subsequent life.”
Hinduism’s last Change to Reform – 2
In this part the author talks about Muslim invasions in India and its effect on Hinduism.
India's Hall of Shame
Thought provoking article.