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Brihaspati Puja in Shravan Month

Brihaspati Pujan is a special puja and ritual performed by some Hindu communities on Thursdays in the month of Shravan in Maharashtra. In 2017, Shravan month in Marathi calendar begins on July 24 and ends on August 21. Brihaspati Puja 2017 dates in Shravan month are July 27, August 3, August 10, and August 17. Brihaspati, known as Jupiter, is the Guru of the Devas and is also the presiding deity of Thursday. Brihaspati Pooja is performed for wisdom and knowledge.

Some people observe fast on all the Thursday s in a month or year to appease Brihaspati. This is usually based on horoscope – to avoid the bad effects of Brihaspati Graha.

Please note that the Shravan month in North India begins on July 10 and ends on August 7.

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Sudharma the only Sanskrit Daily Newspaper in the World Turns 40

Started in 1970 by Sanskrit scholar Kalale Nadadur Varadaraja Iyengar, Sudharma is the only Sanskrit Daily Newspaper in the world today. The Sanskrit Newspaper has a daily circulation of about 2,000 copies and is mostly circulated through post and has subscribers around the world especially in Japan and USA. K.V. Sampath Kumar, son of Mr. Iyengar, is the present editor of the daily.To mark the 40th year, a special anniversary issue was brought out on July 19, 2009.Published from Mysore, the only income generated by Sudharma is from the 250 rupees of annual subscription fee. It is the determination of K.V. Sampath Kumar and his love for Sanskrit language that is keeping Sudharma afloat. Selected issues of Sudharma are available online in PDF format. You can read the Sanskrit e-paper and know more about Sudharma from its official website here.

Shravan Mahina in Maharashtra – Importance of Sawan Month in Marathi Culture

Shravan, the fifth month in a traditional Marathi Hindu Calendar, is a highly auspicious month. In 2017, Shravan Mahina in Marathi Calendar begins on July 24 and ends on August 21. From the first day of Sawan Mahina, people observe various Vratas and rituals including abstaining from non-vegetarian food and restricted fasting. Mondays in the month is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and Tuesdays for performing Mangala Gouri Puja.

All days in the Shravan month are considered auspicious and on each day there is a particular observance by a particular Hindu community. Fridays, Shravani Shukravar, in the month is chosen for observing special pujas for the welfare of children and there are also community puja. Monday – Shiva PujaTuesday – Mangala Gouri PujaWednesday – Budh PujaThursday – Brihaspati PujaFriday – Jara Jivantika PujaSaturday – Ashvatta Maruti PujaSunday – Aditya Puja Shravani Shukrawar, or Fridays in Sawan Month, is highly auspicious. Pujas and prayers are held in all h…

Jyoti Bheemeshwara Amavasi Vratam or Pathi Sanjeevani Puja

Observed by women, Jyoti Bheemeshwara Amavasi Vratam, or Pathi Sanjeevani Puja takes place on the Ashada Amavasi (No moon day in Ashada). In 2017, Jyothi Bheemeshwara Amavasi Vratam date is July 23. The Vrata is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is observed by women for the long life of male members in the family. Unmarried women also perform it to get good husbands. This Vrata is popularly known as Bheemana Amavasya Vratam.

Pathi Sanjeevani Puja is performed for the long life of husbands by married women. The Vratam is observed for nine consecutive years and on the final year a lamp (Deepam) is given to brothers or other male members by women.

Special Thambittu Deepa and two Kalikamba lamps are prepared on the day by women. The two Kalikamba lamps represent Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Therefore the observance is also known as Deepasthambha Pooja.

Another unique ritual on the day is the preparation of Kadabus or dough balls with coins hidden in it. Brothers break t…

Sravana Masam 2011 in Kannada and Telugu Calendar

Sravanam, or Sravana Masam (July – August) is the fifth month in the traditional Hindu calendar followed in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Sravana Masam is considered an auspicious month and numerous rituals are held in the month. For some communities Sravana Masam is dedicated to Lord Vishnu; for some it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In Sravana Masam begins on July 31 and ends on August 29. Mondays of Sravana Masam is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Mangala Gowri Vrata is observed on Tuesdays in the month of Sravana by women. Fridays in Shravan month is dedicated to Goddess worship. Saturdays are dedicated to Lord Shani and Lord Balaji. The birthday of Lord Krishna is observed in the month and therefore many people consider the month highly auspicious and perform numerous functions like Grihpravesh etc. Shravan Poornima is observed as Raksha Bandhan. Sravana Masam Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) is from July 31 to August 13.Sravana Masam Krishna Paksha (waning phase of moon) is from August 14 t…

Uddhava Gita Teachings

Uddhava Gita is part of the Shrimad Bhagavatam. It consists of the advices given by Lord Krishna to Uddhava.With a pure mind one observe in all begins as well as in oneself only Me (Lord Krishna), the atman, who am both inside and out, and unobstructed like the sky.O great soul, he who, taking his stand on pure knowledge, thus regards and honors all beings as Myself, who has the same attitude towards a Chandala as well as a Brahmana, a thief as well as a patron of the Brahmanas, a spark of fire as well as the sun, and a ruffian as well as a kind man is considered a sage. Ideas of rivalry, jealousy, pity and egoism quickly depart from a man who always thinks of Me (Krishna) in all men. Uddhava Gita (Chapter XXIV, verses 12 to 15)