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Significance of Masi Makam

Masi Makam or Masi Magam is an important festival in the Tamil speaking world. The festival falls in the Tamil Month of Masi (February – March). In 2018, Masi Makam is on March 1. This year it is the Mahamaham. Maham or Makam is one among the twenty seven stars in the astrological system. The makam star in the Masi month usually falls on the full moon day and is considered highly auspicious in many temples across South India, especially in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry (Pondicherry) and Kerala.
One of the important rituals on this day is the taking of idols to the seashore or ponds. Therefore the festival is also referred as holy bath ceremony. Long processions from different temples arrive at the sea shore with the idols of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva. Idols from Shakti temples are also brought to the seashore. Pujas and other rituals are held at the sea shore and thousands of devotees throng the sea shore on this day to offer prayer.

There are numerous myths in vogue related to Masi Makam. Eac…

Important Hindu Festivals and Auspicious Days in March 2007

3rd March 2007 – Holi begins
3rd March 2007 – Masi Magam15th March 2007 – Ekadashi19th March 2007 – Hindi New Year (Bikarami Samvat – 2064 begins)19th March 2007 – Chaitra Navratras19th March 2007 – Gudi Padwa (there is slight confusion regarding the date as some calendars say it is on 20th March)
20th March 2007 – Telugu New Year/Ugaadi27th March 2007 - Ramanavami29th March 2007 – EkadashiRamayana week from 19th March to 27th March.

Quote for the day – Kapila

When the love, the lover and the beloved have become one, when we see God and love him as the innermost Self in all beings; and when there is a continuous current of love flowing in the heart, then is it that we realize divine love. When such divine love fill the heart, we transcend the three ‘gunas’ and become united with ‘Brahman.’Sage Kapila

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