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Ganga Kills The Pride And Arrogance Of Airavat – The Elephant Of Indra

Bhagirath, riding on a celestial chariot, descended from the heavens, leading the sacred river Ganga. The gods, showering flowers upon him, blessed his divine mission. As Bhagirath approached the majestic Sumeru Mountain, a formidable range adorned with numerous peaks and intricate tunnels at its base, Ganga followed closely behind.

Upon reaching the base of the mountain, Ganga began to flow through its labyrinthine tunnels. However, she soon found herself lost within an underground cave, unable to find an exit. Noticing Ganga's absence, Bhagirath retraced his steps and fervently prayed to her, imploring her to continue her journey to provide salvation to his ancestors.

Ganga, echoing from the depths of the mountain, explained her predicament. She urged Bhagirath to seek the help of Airavat, the mighty elephant of Indra, to break through the mountain and create a passage for her. Determined, Bhagirath began to pray to Indra, beseeching him to send Airavat to their aid.

Moved by Bhagirath's devotion, Indra arrived at Sumeru, riding upon the majestic Airavat. However, Airavat, proud and arrogant, set a condition. He demanded that Ganga spend a night with him in exchange for his help. Bhagirath, appalled and hesitant, conveyed the message to Ganga with a heavy heart.

Sensing Bhagirath's distress, Ganga reassured him and instructed him to relay her response. She told Bhagirath to inform Airavat that if he could withstand just two and a half waves of her mighty flow, she would willingly spend seven nights with him.

Upon hearing Ganga's message, Airavat arrogantly agreed. Using his powerful tusks, he tore open the mountain's peak, creating a pathway for Ganga. As Ganga surged forward, the force of her first wave nearly overwhelmed Airavat. The second wave left him battered and bruised, and by the time the third wave was halfway through, Airavat, on the brink of collapse, realized his folly.

In a humbled voice, Airavat addressed Ganga as "Mother" and begged for forgiveness. Ganga, in her boundless compassion, forgave the chastened elephant. With the path cleared, she continued her journey, and Bhagirath led her to fulfill her divine purpose, bringing salvation to his ancestors and restoring the sacredness of the land.