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Unmai Neri Vilakkam – A Shaiva Siddhanta Text

"Unmai Neri Vilakkam" is a profound Shaiva Siddhanta text that serves as a guiding light towards liberation, or mukti. Its six verses intricately detail the journey of the soul through various stages towards ultimate liberation. Let's delve deeper into its key points:

Tatva Rupam: The initial stage involves understanding the differential of the 36 Tattvas or evolutes of Maya, encompassing aspects like the human body and Antahkarana (inner instruments of the mind).

Tattva Dharshanam: Following Tatva Rupam, the soul gains knowledge of the impure evolutes of Maya, which are known by and present in self-consciousness.

Tattva Shuddhi: This stage signifies the purification of the soul from its association with the evolutes of Maya. Through the grace of God, the soul transcends the hold of material tattvas.

Atma Rupam: The soul, having overcome the anava mala (the sense of individuality), recognizes its own knowledge as illuminated by Sivangana (the divine light of Shiva).

Atma Darshan: As the grip of feelings like 'I' and 'Mine' loosen due to the soul's expanding knowledge, it gains a deeper insight into its true nature.

Atma Suddhi: At this stage, the soul merges its independence of action and thought in Shiva, identifying completely with the divine.

Siva Rupam: The soul advances to a state where it is steeped in Shiva, losing all sense of separateness and individual identity.

Siva Darsanam: At this pinnacle, the soul experiences a profound realization of its oneness with Shiva, transcending dualistic notions.

Sivayogam: This denotes the union of the individual soul with the universal consciousness of Shiva.

Sivabhogam: The highest experience achievable by the soul, where it attains true knowledge of the nature and relationship between Pathi (God), Pasu (individual soul), and Pasam (bondage). This realization breaks down the dualistic barriers between God and Soul.

"Unmai Neri Vilakkam" thus serves as a comprehensive guide, illuminating the path of the soul towards ultimate liberation and union with the divine.