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Anubhuti Swarupacharya

Anubhuti Swarupacharya was a writer and philosopher of Advaita Vedanta school from South India. Anubhutiswarupacharya flourished in the 12th century CE and was a well-known Advaita philosopher and author of many philosophical words and commentaries. He lived in Gujarat and at some place in North India to study Nyaya and Vedanta. His name, Acharya Anubhuti Swaroopa, indicates that he was a sannyasin.

In his commentary, Shishyahitaishini on Khandanakahandakhadya, the acharya shows his reverence to Sriharsha (12th century CE). He had quite a few brilliant students, among whom Anandagiri, Prajnanananda and Narendragiri deserve mention. His works are –

  1. Ishtasiddhivivarana – a commentary on Vimuktatman’s Ishtasiddhi
  2. Gaudapadabhashya tippani – a sub-commentary on Shankaracharya’s Bhashya, in turn a commentary on Gaudapada’s Mandukya-karika
  3. Chandira – a commentary on Anandabodha’s Nyayadipavali
  4. Nibandhana, a commentary on Pramanaratnamala, most probably a treatise on Vedanta epistemology by Anandabodha
  5. Shishyahitaisini, a commentary on Sriharsha’s Khandanakhandakhadya
  6. Bhagavad Gita Bhashya tippani, a gloss on Shankara’s Bhagavad Gita Bhashya
  7. Prakatarthavivarana, a commentary on Shankaracharya's Sariraka Mimamsa Bhashya

Among all his works, Prakatarthavivarana, is the most important, and may very rightly be considered his magnum opus. Prakatartha – Vivarana subscribes to the views of the Vivarana sub-school of Advaita, introduced by Padmapada and Prakasatman, and hence criticizes some postulations of the Bhamati school introduced by Vachaspati Mishra.

The first edition of the Prkatartha Vivarana (Madras University 1935-39) was published as an anonymous work, since the author could not be identified. Later Prof V Raghavan convincingly established authorship of Anubhutisvarupacharya of the work.

Anubhuti Swarupacharya also wrote a work on Sanskrit Grammar, under the title, Sarasvataprakriya.